Upon request,  your host will be happy to curate some itineraries for what to see, do, eat and drink nearby during the specific dates of your visit. But here are some links to get you started.


Silverlaken is minutes away from Letchworth State Park– “the grand canyon of the East” as they call it. The park was ranked the #1 State park in the entire USA! 


The Village of Perry is home to a brewery, wine bar, cheese factory, drive in theater, and various dining establishments.  Perry has A LOT going on for a small town with more cows than people:  performance art, galleries, comedy shows, farmers markets, athletic events, festivals, stock car racing, fishing derbies…to name a few.

Hidden Gem: Art & Architecture – The Perry Public Library is not only a well-preserved Carnegie library (2509 were built with money donated by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie between 1883 and 1929) but it is also houses (the tiny yet impressive) Stowell-Wiles Art Gallery featuring over 40 oil painting by Lemuel M. Wiles (1826-1905), a Perry native of the famed Hudson River School of landscape painters.

A Rural Art Scene on the Rise: Check out facebook.com/JoshRiceProjects to learn about the latest events organized by his team at Theatre@37. These are the folks that produce an award-winning Shakespeare Troupe, host stand up comedy events and even bring the NY State Puppet Festival to Perry each year.


Wyoming County Tourism

A great resource for experiences, dining and events at the county wide level – https://www.gowyomingcountyny.com/


Where to Eat near Silverlaken

  • The Charcoal Corral offers mini golf, drive in theater, ice cream parlor and other various family friendly activities- for details and schedule of events check out www.CharcoalCorral.com
  • Daryl’s Pizza –  www.darylspizzeria.com  Award winning buffalo wings!  When you order delivery, be sure to let them know which building you are staying in at Silverlaken.  
  • The Lumber Yard Restaurant, also in Perry, is our favorite steakhouse with excellent seafood and a classic soup-n-salad bar.  The historic timber frame building (once a saw mill) houses the restaurant, a full bar and rooms for special events upstairs.  Visit www.lumberyardrestaurant.com 
  • John and Sarah’s Diner – located a few miles from Silverlaken, this diner in Perry is famous for their large portions and is a great place to grab breakfast before heading into Letchworth State Park for a hike.



Perry Marketplace – A basic, but friendly, grocery store located just a few miles from the cottage and has amazing donuts made fresh daily; arrive early to ensure you get your pick!  https://shurfinemarketplace.com/


Sunday Church Service

Join us at the First Congregation Church of the Perry Center; Pastor Eric is also the lead singer in a local party band and Sunday worship is filled with great music & inspiration. Learn more about the friendliest church in Wyoming County on Facebook at “First Congregational Church of Perry Center


Unique/Local Gifts and Souvenirs


Kid Friendly Places

  • Perry Public Park: located near the north end of Silver Lake as you enter the village of Perry; the splash pad, jungle gym and kid’s castle are typically a big hit with the little ones. The park also offers nice tennis and basketball courts!
  • Perry Public Beach: Grand opening scheduled for Summer of 2021.  Located on Walker Road at the North East end of Silver Lake.
  • New York State’s only Reptile Zoo and Dinosaur Museum is located in downtown Perry.  Visitors can interact with animals and dinosaur themed activities.  Visit www.repcowildlife.com for details. 
  • Hidden Valley Animal Adventure – located 20 minutes from the cottage in Varysburg; this zoo is one of a kind featuring exotic animals from around the world! Experience a chance to get up close to see and feed the animals.  https://hiddenvalleyadventure.com/


How to make a roaring campfire at Silverlaken?

A satchel of dry firewood is offered to each rental unit free of charge.  Next to all of the firepits you will find a kindling chopper, small mallet and a 5-gallon pail.  

    • A fire-starting kit is inside the pail.
    • The lid of the pail can be used to fan the flames when starting the fire.
    • You can also fill the pail with water from the lake to put out the fire.

Use the fire-starting kit (and/or some cardboard from the recycle bin) to help ignite the kindling and logs.  

Help us keep invasive species (like the Emerald Ash Borer) in check by using our local firewood. It is actually against the law to transport firewood across county lines.  Don’t worry, we provide plenty of free firewood!


Where to go bike riding?

Letchworth State Park is the obvious choice for on-road and off-road biking.  However, there are also plenty of country roads to check out near Silverlaken.  Here are some maps, compliments of the annual “Tour de Perry” event.  

    • Are you looking for a relaxing ride along quiet scenic roads around Silver Lake and the Letchworth valley? Then the Loop de Lake is for you! 17 miles of a mostly flat ride around Silver Lake and along the surrounding countryside. This family friendly ride with have everyone smiling with joy.  Official Map for Loop de Lake: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29332049
    • If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, but not quite ready for the Letchworth Loop, try the Loop de Longer. You’ll travel 31 miles and experience a bit of both routes. Official Map for Loop de Longer: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29332040
    • If a more challenging day is what you prefer, then ride the Letchworth Loop. This ride will take you 53 miles with 3000′ of climbing up and down hills through Wyoming County and Letchworth Park – the “Grand Canyon of the East”. The ride is recommended for the serious cyclist only! Official Map for Letchworth Loop: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29332017


Water Sports on Silver Lake

We do not offer a swimming area but the following watercraft are found in the common area at the estate and offered free of charge, compliments of Silverlaken.

    • Kayaks for Adults
    • Kayak for Children
    • Paddleboat 
    • Rowboats (Watch this short video to see how to correctly row a small boat)
    • SUP (stand up paddleboard)

Watercraft are used at your own risk.  If you are not a strong swimmer and/or not familiar with how to use the craft, please don’t use the watercraft.

    • Life jackets are required by law. To ensure a proper fit, please bring your own life jackets.  There are some extra jackets in the outdoor box near the boats but no guarantee they will fit every guest comfortably.
    • Check to ensure the previous user did not leave water in the hull.  Drain as needed.  Make sure the drain plug is in place before you go on the water.  FYI, the drain plug for the paddleboat is under the bow (front middle).
    • Please stay close to shore when paddling and know that watercraft without navigational lighting are not allowed on the lake after dark for safety reasons, per local laws.
    • For your safety please be sure to wear water shoes in the water and around the lakefront! Shoes will protect you from the occasional leach and/or sharp shellfish that live the Finger Lakes region.
    • First come-first serve:  there is no formal reservation system for use of the boats.  Consider limiting your use of the craft to 1 hour or less during weekends or busy periods to ensure all guests have a chance to have fun.
    • Guests are responsible for lost or damaged equipment.  Be sure to pull your boat fully out of the water and return the boat/paddles/life jackets to the assigned storage area.  

As the Silver Lake Sailing Club is based at Silverlaken, there are a number of private boats on site.  Contact a Silverlaken representative if you are unsure which watercraft are available for guests.

Powerboats (& SUP) rentals are available for reasonable rates from www.Silverlakemarine.com