Vacation Rentals on the Estate

The Silverlaken Estate and Glampground offers five acres of unique accommodations with lake-focused, eco-friendly activities suitable for groups, families and individuals on a daily, weekly, monthly or even seasonal basis.

If you like kayaks, saunas & starry nights,

If you like a little wine, Adirondack chairs & good conversation,

If you like campfires, the sound of crickets & evening breezes,

If your family likes getting up early, going offline and getting outdoors,

. . . you will love Silverlaken!

If you like jet skis, cases of beer and late nights,

If you prefer highways to dirt roads and Ubers to tractors,

If you need satellite TV & high-speed internet,

. . . we politely encourage you to seek accommodations elsewhere.

Direct Booking vs. Airbnb? Pros & Cons

Generally speaking, direct bookings are 8 to 15% less than booking via Airbnb. But direct bookings have a much stricter refund policy.

The Airbnb algorithm adjusts prices up or down based on supply and demand at any given time.

Direct booking rates are fixed in advance for the super peak, peak, high and low seasons. It is possible to find a last-minute deal if you book via Airbnb, but if you wait too long and there is an event in town or holiday, the Airbnb rates could be significantly higher.

Guests with bookings made via Airbnb will enjoy the same access to Silverlaken Infrastructure and receive the same high level of customer service from Silverlaken staff.


Key Dates 

Mid-April:  Select rental units start to open for the season. 

Mid-May:  Most units open for the season. 

June 1:  All rental units open for the season.

October 1:  Tent Structures start to close for the season.

Mid-October:  Non-heated structures start to close for the season.

November: All remaining units closed for the season. Exact date depends on the weather.


Low Season:  April & Nov 

Regular Season: May, June, September & October 

Peak Season:  July & August + National Holidays in the High and Low Seasons

Super Peaks: July 4th Holiday Period & Labor Day Weekend

DIREct BOOKING: Historic Lodge

DIREct BOOKING: Tree tents

DIREct BOOKING: Lake Tents

DIREct BOOKING: House Boat New for 2022

DIREct BOOKING: Bubble Tent New for 2022

Prefer to book via Airbnb?


No problem! Click here to see all our listings on Airbnb.

Long Term Rentals

Select units on the estate may be rented for the entire season on a month by month basis.  Certain rules, regulations and preferential pricing are applicable.  Contact us for details.

Book the Entire Estate

Silverlaken is the ideal option for groups wishing to stay together in a private setting at a single location.

The 5-acre site with 430 feet of lake frontage is large enough to comfortably house bigger groups, yet the professionally designed landscaping, with heavy emphasis on green buffer zones, fosters a sense of privacy among the rental units and within the neighborhood.

Weddings, reunions, corporate training, church fellowship and other events are warmly welcome, but please note:

  • Preference is given to groups who stay a full week.
  • Groups that return each year on the same date are given top preference.
  • Groups wishing to book the estate during the peak season holidays are advise to book at least 12 months in advance.
  • We are serious about quiet hours, so Silverlaken is not the place to host a party.
  • To ensure the infrastructure is not stressed, all guests should be registered in advance, even if not spending the night.   The group size is constrained by parking, restrooms and other infrastructure issues.
  • Guest are not allowed to bring their own tents or RV’s.
  • Additional deposits and cleaning fees may be applicable.