If you like kayaks, saunas & starry nights,

If you like a little wine, Adirondack chairs & good conversation,

If you like campfires, the sound of crickets & evening breezes,

If your family likes getting up early, going offline and getting outdoors,

. . . you will love Silverlaken!

If you like jet skis, cases of beer and late nights,

If you prefer highways to dirt roads and Ubers to tractors,

If you need satellite TV & high-speed internet,

. . . we politely encourage you to seek accommodations elsewhere.

Recreational Infrastructure (free-of-charge)

  • Watercraft (kayaks & stand up paddleboards)
  • Sauna
  • Seating along the shore and on the docks
  • Campfire Pits (including smore's kit and first satchel of firewood)
  • Propane Grills
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Lakeside Yoga & Meditation Platform
  • Complementary boat slips may be available depending on the size of your boat

Key Dates

Mid-April: Select rental units start to open for the season.
Mid-May: Most units open for the season.
June 1: All rental units open for the season.
October 1: Tent Structures start to close for the season.
Mid-October: Non-heated structures start to close for the season.
November: All remaining units closed for the season. Exact date depends on the weather.

Low Season: April & Nov
Regular Season: May, June, September & October
Peak Season: July & August + National Holidays
Super Peaks: July 4th Holiday Period & Labor Day Weekend


 2023 Reservations


The camp has closed for the long winter but we look forward to seeing you when the snow melts and the lake ice is gone in Spring 2023.  In the meantime, know that our website and Airbnb platforms are taking reservations for the Spring, Summer and Fall. The units may initially appear "unavailable" at first glance as we are closed for the off season. Simply select your desired dates and all the rates, availability and booking options will been shown.

Lakeview Cabins

Unique tents/ Glamping

Read This Before You Book a Tent

Tents have limited sound dampening properties.

Tents are spaced 20 to 40 feet apart.

While we are serious about the 9 AM to 9 PM quiet hour policy, other guests may be coming and going in the evening hours and campfire conversations, even at a lowered voice, may be heard in the tents. Also be aware that sounds from inside the tents will travel outside the tent.

If you are concerned about noise levels or are a sensitive sleeper, please consider booking a rental unit with fixed walls, rather than staying in a tent with very limited sound dampening.

Tents lack residential heating and cooling.

Lake Tents do not have electric, heating or cooling.  A charging station is located in the common area near the tents. The lake breeze helps cool the tents in the summer and a rechargeable fan is provided as well.  Blankets are provided in the cooler times of year, but guests should consider bringing extra blankets when the temperatures are low.

Bubble Tents and Canvas Cabins are not heated but electric heat blankets are provided for extra comfort in the cool seasons.

Canvas Cabins stay cool most evenings, thanks to the breeze off the lake. Fans and air conditioners are provided for the occasional muggy night mid-summer.

Special Considerations for Families with Small Children

Children of all ages are warmly welcome at Silverlaken. The camp is designed to promote quality time together with family and friends. However, if you have an infant or small child that is likely to cry at some point during the night, as a courtesy to your fellow campers, please book a rental unit with fixed walls rather than staying in a tent with very limited sound dampening. The camp is generally very quiet from 9PM to 9AM with only the sound of crickets and pond frogs filling the night. A crying baby in a tent is likely to be heard across the entire camp, creating an awkward situation for all.

The camp has ponds, lakefront, docks, kayaks, hammocks, horseshoe pits, campfires and a small playground that children enjoy. To ensure the safety of young guests and proper use of infrastructure, even well-behaved children must be directly supervised, at all times, while on the estate.

Direct Booking vs. Airbnb? Pros & Cons

Forgive the long answer to this frequently asked question. We want to be very transparent with our guests about the pros and cons of Airbnb vs Booking Direct. We are happy to pull the curtains back and shine some light on the platform fees and cancellation policies.  Rather than force the guest in one direction, we prefer to explain all the options in great detail, so you can select the best fit for your particular situation.

Room Rates:  Airbnb vs Direct Booking

While the Airbnb algorithm adjusts prices up or down based on supply and demand at any given time, generally speaking, direct bookings are 8 to 15% less than booking via Airbnb. But direct bookings have a much stricter refund policy.

Direct booking rates are fixed in advance for the super peak, peak, high and low seasons. It is possible to find a last-minute deal if you book via Airbnb, but if you wait too long and there is an event in town or holiday, the Airbnb rates could be significantly higher. Guests with bookings made via Airbnb will enjoy the same access to Silverlaken Infrastructure and receive the same high level of customer service from Silverlaken staff.

Refund Policy:  Airbnb vs Direct Booking

The two have very different refund policies in the event of a cancellation or change.

Cancellation Policy for Airbnb Bookings

As Airbnb sets the refund policy, if you have made a booking or wish to make a booking via Airbnb, please check the listing for details.

Cancellation Policy for Direct Bookings made at Silverlaken.com

Because our Winters are so long and the vacation season is so short in Western NY, we have a fairly strict cancellation policy and are unable to substitute dates or swap rental units once the booking has been made. Please consider the following before making a booking:

    • Full refund (minus payment processing fee) for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking, if the check-in date is at least 30 days away.
    • 50% refund (minus payment processing fee) for cancellations made at least 20 days before check-in.
    • No refunds for cancellations made within 20 days of Check-in. This includes, but is not limited to inclement weather, changes in travel plans, medical issues, personal reasons, etc. We appreciate your understanding.


Please note that the banks and credit card companies apply the processing fee to both the original payment and the refund when booking direct.  That means even a full refund will be the total amount minus 2x the processing fee of 3% or 6% in total!

Payment Methods

The only way to pay via Airbnb is to use a credit card.

Direct booking allows for payment via check, cash or credit card.  Credit card payments up to $1,500 are accepted online at www.Silverlaken.com.  Please call us if you wish to pay via check, cash or credit card payments over $1,500.  We will be happy to hold your reservation while the check clears.

Bottom Line: Airbnb vs Direct Booking

Book direct on this website with a credit card if you are confident your dates won't change and your booking value is less than $1,500.

Book direct with a phone call and arrange to pay with cash/check or if your booking value is greater than $1,500.

Consider booking via Airbnb:

    • If you think you may need to change or cancel your reservation at a later date, as Airbnb's cancellation period is more flexible than direct bookings and Airbnb doesn't charge the processing fee when a cancellation is made, if that cancellation is made within the agreed cancellation period.
    • If you are spending more than $1,500 but prefer to use a credit card rather than cash or check.



Long Term Rentals

Select units on the estate may be rented for the entire season on a month by month basis.  Certain rules, regulations and preferential pricing are applicable.  Contact us for details.

Book the Entire Estate

Silverlaken is the ideal option for groups wishing to stay together in a private setting at a single location.

The 5-acre site with 430 feet of lake frontage is large enough to comfortably house bigger groups, yet the professionally designed landscaping, with heavy emphasis on green buffer zones, fosters a sense of privacy among the rental units and within the neighborhood.

Weddings, reunions, corporate training, church fellowship and other events are warmly welcome, but please note:

  • Preference is given to groups who stay a full week.
  • Groups that return each year on the same date are given top preference.
  • Groups wishing to book the estate during the peak season holidays are advise to book at least 12 months in advance.
  • We are serious about quiet hours, so Silverlaken is not the place to host a party, pre-party, after-party or after-after-party. Sorry.
  • To ensure the infrastructure is not stressed, all guests should be registered in advance, even if not spending the night.   The group size is constrained by parking, restrooms and other infrastructure issues.
  • Guest are not allowed to bring their own tents or RV’s.
  • Additional deposits and cleaning fees may be applicable.