Check In Progress

Thanks for your interest in staying at Silverlaken.   In advance of your booking, so that you are familiar with the estate, its infrastructure and rules, please click on “Important Notes for Guests to download the PDF file which covers the following items:

  • Welcome letter from your hosts
  • History of the Silverlaken estate & the Silver Lake Sea Serpent
  • Map & Parking
  • Communications
  • Covid Related Items/ Medical
  • The “No’s” To Know & Quiet Hours
  • Bedding & Housekeeping
  • Check In & Check Out
  • Trash & Recycling
  • Solar Power/ Electric
  • Shared Spaces: Sauna, Firepits & Campfire Wood
  • Special Notes for Water Activities: Boats/ Docks/Fishing
  • Drinking Water
  • Farmland/ Wild Animals/ Mosquitoes & Poison Ivy
    • Things to buy, eat, drink, see & do nearby: