Quirky Appalachian Tiny House

The Quirky Appalachian Tiny house is a unique accommodation that is perfect for a couple or a couple with a young child. It has a built in bunk bed with a full bed on the bottom and a twin bed on the top. It is part of The Silverlaken Estate and just a couple minute walk to the lake.

Quirky Appalachian Tiny House Outside

Quirky Appalachian Tiny House Images

In order to manage your expectations and ensure an enjoyable stay at Silverlaken, kindly read over these important notes carefully before you book your stay.

Things to know about the Estate before you book:

Quiet Hours

  • For the comfort of our guest, we are serious about tranquility. Quiet hours are in effect from 9 P.M. to 9 A.M.
  • No loud music, raised voices or screaming kids at any hour.
  • Bluetooth speakers and similar devices are not to be used inside or outside during quiet hours.

SomeNo’s” To Know

  • Absolutely NO UNREGISTERED GUESTS – day or night.
  • Please DON’T ENTER the lodge building, other rental units or tents without a reservation for those rentals. The Lodge, its porch, firepit and lakefront is reserved for Lodge guests.
  • Absolutely NO DRUGS of any kind.
  • Enjoy alcohol responsibly, absolutely NO INEBRIATION.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING indoors.
  • NO PETS allowed on property – we love pets but the insurance company doesn’t. 

Dark Sky Commitment

Bring a flashlight as we intentionally limit lighting between the buildings. The dark-sky movement is a campaign to reduce light pollution and enjoy the night sky. Advantages include an increased number of stars visible at night, reducing the effects of electric lighting on the environment, improving the well-being, health and safety of both people and wildlife, and cutting down on energy usage. 

Parking & Theft Indemnification

While we have never had any theft or accidents on site, the lawyers and insurance agents tell us we need to state the following: All vehicles (including cars, boats, motorcycles, bikes and other powered and non-powered vehicles) parked at Silverlaken are parked at vehicle owner’s risk.

  • No liability accepted for loss or damage to vehicles or personal property.
  • If you are concerned about tree sap, falling apples or walnuts, please do not park under those trees.
  • Guests are responsible for securing their bikes, boats, possessions and personal effects.

Bedding & Housekeeping

  • With the exception of the tree tents; bedding is provided. Linens are professionally dry cleaned and a starter kit of towels, toilet paper, soaps & shampoo is included in each rental unit.
  • As we do not have full time staff, we are afraid that on-going housekeeping, top up of starter kit items and provision of additional linens/ extra towels is not providedLong stay guests may want to check out www.SilverLakeLaundromat.com
  • We have found that the majority of guest prefer soft pillows and have outfitted our units accordingly. If you prefer a harder pillow, it may be best to bring that with you from home.

Self-Check-in Procedure

  • To ensure housekeeping has time to prepare the rental units, guests should arrive no earlier than 4 PM unless agreed otherwise.
  • In the day(s) before the scheduled arrival, your hosts at Silverlaken will reach out to confirm the details of the reservation, provide the welcome packet, share the wi-fi password and state the assigned parking space.
  • The main parking area, listed as “P8” on the map, is the open patch of grass in the field. Please respect our neighbors by:
    • Staying off their property & don’t block or park in neighbor’s driveway.
    • Drive slowly when arriving/exiting the Estate. Avoid kicking up dust on gravel roads.
  • Silverlaken does not have a central office or full-time staff, as such, guests are welcome to go directly to their rental unit per the above-mentioned welcome packet.

Check-out Details

The 10am check-out allows our housekeeping team sufficient time to prepare the rooms for the next round of guests.  We thank you for your understanding! Guests are expected to:

  • Please clean BBQ grills, wash dishes, cookware & smores skewers.
  • Kindly take your trash/recycling to the designated bins.
  • Place used towels in a pile, but don’t set them on the beds to help us keep the mattresses dry.  Leave bedding on the beds.

Internet & Connectivity

  • In order to provide an experience focused on outdoor activities and to help guests “get unplugged”, we have intentionally not hooked up Cable/Satellite TV/ High Speed Internet.   The password for the free (but slow) wi-fi will be sent to you after booking has been made.
  • Plan to use your mobile data or bring a Verizon hot spot if you need to conduct zoom meetings or wish to stream videos.
  • Many discount/ pay-as-you-go mobile phone carriers available in NY City do not work in the Upstate. Check with your carrier to confirm coverage in our part of NY.

Shared Spaces/ Common Area

Registered guests are warmly welcome to use the following infrastructure (free of charge) found in the common areas:

  • Campfire Pits
  • BBQ Grills (Propane Provided)
  • Group Kitchen has microwave, fridge, coffee pot, stove top, toaster, basic cookware & silverware.
  • Picnic Tables
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Watercraft
  • Meditation Platform
  • Sauna will re-open after Covid.

Campfire Wood

Help us keep invasive species (like the Emerald Ash Beetle) in check by using our local firewood and never bring your own firewood from outside of Wyoming County. It is actually against the law to transport firewood across county lines.  Don’t worry, we provide plenty of firewood!


We do not offer a formal swimming area at Silverlaken, but guests often paddle out and swim from the kayaks.  The Perry Public Beach is just a few miles away at the North East end of the lake as well.


The following watercraft are found on the kayak rack in the common area and offered free of charge to be used on Silver Lake and not to be taken by car, or other means, from the Estate.

  • 10 Red Recreational Kayaks (Designed for stability, with minimal back support. Not intended to cover long distances and are generally used for 1 hour or less.)
  • 1 Blue Mini Kayak for a Small Child
  • 1 SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard/ Repurposed Sailboard)

The “sit on top” style kayaks at Silverlaken were selected for their stability and ease of use. They are self-bailing and won’t sink, even if capsized. These are recreational kayaks with minimal back support and not intended to cover long distances. But they are perfect for the typical hour-long paddle around the south end of the lake.

Guests are welcome to bring their own kayaks and similar craft that can be carried by hand and self-launched in the common area of Silverlaken.

Powerboats & SUP Rentals are available at www.Silverlakemarine.com. If you wish to rent a pontoon boat, please contact the marina well in advance of your trip to make a reservation.

Dockage/ Launch Ramp

A launch ramp with parking area is found less than a mile from Silverlaken at the Silver Lake State Park.

If agreed in advance, certain docks at Silverlaken may be used to tie up your boat during the day. In the event of strong winds or large boats, you may need to pull your boat out of the water on short notice, as the docks are residential duty rather than commercial.

Cancellation Policy

Because our Winters are so long and the vacation season is so short in Western NY, we have a fairly strict cancellation policy and are unable to substitute dates or swap rental units once the booking has been made.  Please consider the following before making a booking:

  • No refunds for cancellations when check-in is less than 7 days away.  This includes, but is not limited to inclement weather, changes in travel plans, medical issues (including Covid), personal reasons, etc.
  • 50% refund for cancellations made at least 7 days before check-in.
  • Cancellations made withing 48 hours of booking enjoy a full refund if the check-in date is at least 14 days away.

Covid Policy

Guests must follow current NYS protocols. At the time of writing (8/18/2021), Silverlaken reserves the right to request proof of vaccination status. For the safety of our staff, your group and other guests:

  • Unvaccinated guests shall wear a mask while on the Estate, per NYS guidelines.
  • Guests testing positive for Covid are not allowed on the Estate.
  • Guest showing Covid-like symptoms should stay at home or see a doctor.

We understand the pandemic is unpredictable and we will do our best to remain flexible with the refund policy should a member of your group come down with Covid after the cancellation deadline has passed.  For example, if we are able to fill the opening with other guests, we will gladly offer a full refund (minus any payment processing fees).

The following search results reflect the minimum stay durations which are generally longer during the peak season/holidays/weekend and shorter mid-week and during the low season.  If you do not find availability on certain days, please explore different dates, extend your stay or perhaps you may consider to explore a different rental unit at the Estate. When selecting number of guests, include total number of guests, including children and infants.