Matt – Odessa Wicker Room

This place was fantastic! The positioning on the lake was ideal. The lake is large enough to be interesting to kayak, without being so large that it’s intimidating to travel on. The property itself was very peaceful, it was relatively private (it’s surrounded by trees), and on the waterfront. The location is great. Letchworth State Park was a short drive from the property, and was thoroughly enjoyable too. There’s a lot of other neat things to see that are a short drive from the property too. We loved the dark sky. I was quite surprised to find there was no orange glow from any nearby cities, and was excited to do a little stargazing. There is a firepit on-site, and the host already had plenty of firewood available. This was the first weekend this property was open, and it was refreshing to see a host that’s so interested in property maintenance and upkeep. He got a lot of little projects done over the weekend, all without interfering with our stay there, which, to me, is very impressive. Overall, both the host and the property were great!
Matt, Odessa, NY
Stayed at The “Wicker Room” in the Lodge @ Silverlaken
August 2018