Libby – Pulaski Wicker Room

We had a great time! We stayed for the night while attending a wedding. The house was very clean and open, definitely gives you the home away from home feel. The lake is right out the front door; we loved hearing kids and families enjoying the water. The owners of the property were very kind and inviting, definitely wish we had more time to spend chatting with them. When we arrived we quickly realized we had forgotten to read all the details; no sheets or towels.. oops on our part! Thankfully there is a Walmart and Tops not far from the house that we were able to stop at. The rooms were big and comfy, fans in the windows and lots is places to relax. If we’re ever in the area again, we’ll definitely return! Thanks for the nice place to stay, Silverlaken!
Libby, Pulaski, NY
Stayed at The “Wicker Room” in the Lodge @ Silverlaken
September 2018